Lawrence J. Hill
Department of Chemistry
Ogden College of Science and Engineering
Western Kentucky University
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Synthesis of Novel Materials
Advanced Polymer Chromatography
Karl Fischer Titration
We are a materials synthesis group interested in organic polymers and inorganic colloids. We focus on controlling chemical structure and understanding how these structural changes translate into modified properties. Check the projects page for information about current projects in the group.
Much of our time is spent understanding what we have made in the lab. To this end, we have a Waters Acquity Advanced Polymer Chromatography system equipped with refractive index detector for polymer molecular weight characterization. This system includes an integrated autosampler for handling small sample volumes, and short run times of less than ten minutes enable high sample throughput. We are able to evaluate samples dissolved in a range of solvents including THF, chloroform, and DMF using a single column bank.
The outcome of a chemical reaction can be sensitive to ppm differences in water concentrations - particularly in ionic liquid solvents. We use a coulometric Karl Fischer titration system to quantitatively determine water content at each stage of our reactions. This key characterization capability allows us to differentiate effects which come from solvent structure from effects due to common impurities, which is important for developing new synthetic methodologies.